The Easiest Way to Discover Art you Love

ARTO is a new art app that helps you discover your next piece of art!

  • Our app provides you with personally recommended artworks based on your taste and preferences.
  • Swipe left and right to indicate if you like an art piece or not.
  • Want to see the artwork in more detail? Just stream it to your TV
  • More than 10,000 high res art images from all genres what's stopping you from using it now!

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What is ARTO and How Does It Work?

ARTO is a new art service that will help you to discover art you love. The way we do this is simple. Once you have downloaded and opened the app you will see the ARTO art stream. In this stream you can indicate per artwork if you like it or not by swiping it left or right. The more you swipe the better we learn your art taste and the better we can recommend artworks. The artworks you have liked are nicely stored in your “Liked” art playlist. And the art playlists can be streamed to your TV (coming soon).

Want to Display your Art?

Are you an artist, gallery, collector and do you want to reach a worldwide audience to promote or sell your art works? Create an ARTO account and upload your art works.



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ARTO was born because we - as non art experts - found it difficult to describe our own art taste, to describe the type of painting we were looking for. Or where to start our art search, how to find that one, love at first sight, artpiece. So we thought about how to make this easier and came up with ARTO, which provides personal recommended artworks based on what you like, instead of you having to actively search for it.


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